What is R.D.?

“Strength and conditioning coaching” does not properly describe Langworthy R.D.  The proper description is “Ratiocinative Dynamics.”

R = Ratiocinative
To form judgments by a process of logic; A reasoned train of thought: consisting in the comparison of propositions or facts, and the deduction of inferences from the comparison.

D = Dynamics
The branch of mechanics concerned with the motion of bodies under the action of forces; the forces or properties that stimulate growth, development, or change within a system or process.

Muscle and Fitness quotation on "prehab"

“There’s no fool proof pre-hab. You minimize your chance of injury by not being weak.” – Dave Langworthy quoted in Muscle and Fitness

What I Believe (Philosophy)

  • I believe in a “me think” mentality, not a “me too”.
  • The three maxims of speed. Maximal strength converted to maximal power applied with maximal efficiency.
  • I don’t believe that volume makes up for logic or lack of communication skills.
  • The bedrock of all training is strength. Strength is developed to be included/converted to power & endurance. A proper level is necessary for all components of athletic excellence. Without proper strength you will not have optimal balance, confidence, endurance, injury resistance, or ability to generate and apply power.
  • Must have “Precision with power”
    Example: Spending an inordinate amount of time on “form running” and “speed work” without having the power to propel your body. A runner with great form will breakdown in the later stages of a race because of weakness.
  • The single biggest change in mobility of any life occurs because of strength. A baby does not go from crawl to walk because of “formwalking”.
  • Once you can run and jump and throw, the more powerful you are the faster you run, the farther you jump and the farther you throw. Eureka!
  • CONFIDENCE You do not gain confidence sitting and talking. You gain confidence by overcoming progressively harder tasks. You cannot learn to swim from someone that has never been in the water.
  • BALANCE Increasing your total body strength will increase your overall balance. Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean that it is effective.
  • SPEED All fast people are strong. All strong people are not fast. The surest, most effective way to get faster (if you have the potential) is to get stronger. 400 horsepower will overcome an enormous amount of air resistance. Forcing someone in to form not their own is a hindrance. See efficiency.
  • If speed and/or agility training is not done at full effort, or if it is continued to the point where full effort is not available then it is conditioning.
  • There is no shortage of people willing to sell you on the benefits of glorified warm ups, “formrunning” and “speedwork”. Weak people with perfect form look great losing races.
  • FLEXIBILITY You need to have a usable range +5-10% “in case”. Hyper mobility is more conducive to injury than lack of flexibility because it allows your body to achieve a position from which it cannot recover.
  • INDIVIDUAL Fitness for both life and sport mean having the abilities to achieve desired results. Learning what works for you will keep you on the path of optimal progress.
  • FORCE In order to move yourself, move something else, or stop motion you must be able to generate force, apply force and withstand force. The more capable you are at doing so the easier the task.
  • EFFICIENCY Your groove is your own and although there are guiding means there is no universal technique. You are at your best when you use the full extent of your abilities in a natural way. Touch a stove.
  • RESERVE To have more than you need allows you to operate in a comfortable range. This is true for strength, endurance, flexibility and life.
  • FUN It’s OK. You will get the same or better results when you are having fun. Tough people smile because they know they will endure.
  • THAT’S JUST SILLY (THE EMPERORS’ NEW WORKOUT) Many drills, exercises and theories are made up by people looking to draw attention to themselves or sell something new. They are largely ineffective for sport. They are nonetheless amusing.
  • If 80% of trainers can do a technique/exercise/drill and 80% of the MLB, NBA & NFL cannot then the validity of the technique/exercise/drill is…
  • It is a mistake to compare what an athlete does in the latter stages of their career after they have “made it” (and may be beat up physically) with the load that they handle getting there.
  • The surest way to avoid injury is to avoid activity. Any athlete that competes high enough or long enough will sustain injury. You will minimize your chance for injury by being strong. If you are injured then your focus is to get well. If you are well your focus should be to improve as much as possible. The two should not be entwined disproportionately.
  • Exercises done with minimal resistance are fine if you only expect to encounter minimal resistance.
  • Willpower is stronger than wishpower.
  • Why I like veterinary medicine. ANIMALS DON’T DO PLACEBO!

What is with the dart frog?

At approximately 1.2 to 2 inches in length, ever-observant, and incredibly lethal; the poison dart frog embodies the Langworthy R.D. mantra: “simply effective.”

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